Courtesy of North Huron Museum

Built in 1913-1914, the Wingham Armouries became “A” Company’s headquarters, one of four companies that made up the 161st Huron Battalion. The Armouries in Wingham, Ontario served as the Battalion as an enlistment/training centre when the 161st Huron Battalion was officially created on December 2, 1915 until the 161st shipped out in 1916. It was an enlistment from the beginning until the end of WWI.

November 12, 2015

Beginning on December 2, 2015, exactly 100 years after the official formation of the 161st Huron Battalion, this website will introduce you to the faces and stories of the Battalion’s men as they enlisted, trained and went off to Europe to fight.

The men will be introduced a century to the day that they enlisted, and you can learn where they lived, what they did for a living, even what colour their eyes were. As their letters home are published in the local newspapers of Huron County, Ontario, so will they be published here.

As photographs are found and digitized, they will be added to the men’s entries. Eventually a section will be added that covers not only the enlistment and actions of the men of the 161st Huron Battalion, but also what happened to them, as that information comes to light.

Join as we march in their footsteps and get to know them as people, young men who dared death on the European battlefields of World War One.

Those with information and photos of the men of the 161st Huron Battalion are encouraged to add to the story. As more information comes to light, the diary entries will be changed to include new facts, letters, photos or to correct any mistakes.

This project is a living account that will benefit from the collaboration of those who knew or were related to the men of the Huron 161st.

Coming December 2, 2015

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