September 4, 1915

161st Battalion Diary – December 4, 1915

Enlistments – December 4, 1915

One man enlisted on December 4th, 1915 in the 161st Huron Battalion.

654052, JAMES, (CSM) George Henry enlisted on December 4, 1915 in Goderich in the 161st detachment at Goderich. His wife, Mrs. George James of Goderich, ON was listed as his next of kin.

Prior to enlistment Company Sergeant Major George James was a painter, who was born on April 10, 1875 in England. George H. James was 5’ 6” with a medium complexion, blue eyes and brown hair when he enlisted. He was member of the Presbyterian faith.

Prior to the Great War, Sgt. George James served 20 years with Huron County’s 33rd Huron Regiment and before that 3 years with the 3rd Warrick Regiment in England. He began his military career at age 14, with the Royal Navy. According to the 1916 overseas roll, he also was a member of The Territorials. In 1896, after emigrating to Canada, the young G.H. James established himself in Goderich. That year, he joined the 33rd Huron Regiment and after taking army training at London’s Wolsey Barracks, he was promoted to the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major. He was photographed with ‘Goderich Own’,  the 161st Brass Band and with The Sgts. Mess.

While with the 161st, at training camps in Ont., and overseas, R.S.M. Geo. James was the battalion’s instructor of physical training and drilled the young recruits in the knowledge of marching and arms.

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