161st Battalion Diary – December 11, 1915

Commissions – December 11, 1915

One officer was commissioned on December 11, 1915 in the 161st Huron Battalion.

HEAMAN, (Major) William John acquired military experience prior to WWI with the 33rd Hurons. He was also a member of Huron County Council prior to enlistment and was pictured with the County Councils of 1912 and 1913.

As a member of the 161st Battalion’s officers he was pictured with them at Clinton in the spring of 1916. In this photo on page of the original manuscript of Huron Overseas, he was photographed on the second (back) row, fourth from the left.

Enlistments – December 11, 1915

Eight men enlisted on December 11, 1915 in the 161st Huron Battalion. One man did not return from the battlefield.

654138, AGAR, (Pte.) Nelson, “A” Company enlisted at Brussels, his address before and after WWI. The name and address of his next of kin was Mrs. Ben Whittard, Brussels.

654016, COLE (Pte.) Robert N., “C” Company enlisted at Clinton, his address before and after the war.

654022, CORNISH, (L. Cpl.) John K., “C” Company, formerly of Elimsville, enlisted at Exeter, ON. Prior to the Great War, he worked as a labourer on ranches in the township of Usborne. Overseas, while with the 47th Battalion,

654070, McKAY, (Pte.) G.W. “D” Company joined the 161st at Seaforth. He is believed to be saddler, Gordon McKay, the soldier pictured at the left. His next of kin was Mrs. Alix McKay, Seaforth. Prior to the Great War, Pte. Gordon McKay served with the 33rd Hurons.

654080, PORTER, (Cpl.) Hugh Elgin, “A” Company enlisted in Brussels, his home address before the war.

654092, SMITH, (Pte.) Sidney Joseph, “C” Company joined up at Exeter. His address upon enlistment was Hay Township. Private S.J. Smith was one of seven 161st members named Smith.

654113, WEBSDALE, (Pte.) Harry, “C” Company enlisted at Clinton. He was a native of Hardingham, Norfolk County in England. Private H. Websdale had prior military duty with the Territorials, a pre-WWI British Militia force.

654117, WILKEN, (Pte.) Herbert Clifford, “C” Company enlisted in Clinton, where he lived at the time.