161st Battalion – Another officer commissioned

161st Battalion Diary – December 22, 1915

Commissions – December 22, 1915

One officer was commissioned on December 22, 1915 in the 161st Huron Battalion.

Lieut RA WalterWALTER, (Lieutenant) Royland Allen who, after the 161st was authorized, returned from Osgoode Hall (law school) in Toronto to Huron County to receive his Lieutenancy on December 22, 1915. His next of kin on the 1916 overseas roll was William Walter of R.R. 4 Goderich. Prior to WWI, Lt. Roy Walter had served with the 33rd Hurons.

Even before enrolling at the University of Toronto, the Colborne Township boy was a prominent athlete, not only in track and field events but in team sports. He is featured in several pre-WWI hockey and baseball team photos in Goderich, which are part of the collection of the Huron County Museum in Goderich.

Enlistments – December 22, 1915

Two men enlisted on December 22, 1915 in the 161st Huron Battalion.

654006, BARKLEY, (L. Cpl.) William Reynold, “A” Company enlisted at Brussels. His next of kin was George Barkley of Brussels.

654093, SNELL, (Pte.) Stanley John, “B” Company became a member of the 161st Hurons in Clinton. His next of kin was William Snell of Blyth.

Private Stanley Snell was one of two Snell brothers enlisted with the 161st “B” Company. He was photographed with Blyth’s Own kneeling in the third row, sixth from the left. The photograph was published in the 1967 East Wawanosh Centennial History.

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