161st Huron Battalion Diary – January 8, 1916

Enlistments – January 8, 1916

On January 8, 1916, the following seven men enlisted in the 161st Huron Battalion. One of these sixteen men did not return home at war’s end.

654194, CANFIELD, (Pte.) Charles Henry, “D” Company enlisted in Hensall. His next of kin was Mrs. Sarah Canfield of London, England. Private Charles Canfield was photograghed with the 161st ‘s D Company standing in the 3rd row, 6th on the right.

654211, HASTIE, (Pte.) Frederick George, “A” Company enlisted in Brussels. His next of kin was Alexander Hastie of Wroxeter, ON. Private F. Hastie was photographed in Wroxeter’s Own, seated in the front row at the extreme right.

654218, McCULLOUGH, (Pte.) Arthur Wallace, “A” Company enlisted in Wroxeter. His next of kin was Mrs. Rella S. McCullough of Fordwich, ON.

654216, MUNDY, (Pte.) Basil, bandsman enlisted with the 161st brass band in Clinton. His next of kin was Harry Mundy of Wingham, ON. Wingham was the hometown of Basil Mundy and his brother, fellow 161st band member, Theo Mundy.

654204, STEEP, (Pte.) William Andrew, “C” Company enlisted in C Company of the 161st in Clinton, his hometown before and after WWI. His next of kin was David Steep of Clinton, ON. Prior to WWI, William A. Steep had served with the 33rd Hurons.

654226, WATSON, (Pte.) Thomas Edward, “A” Company enlisted in Wroxeter. His next of kin was Mrs. Annie Langsdon of Wilmslow, Cheshire, England. Private Thomas E. Watson, when still in England, was a member of a British militia, The Territorials.

654230, WICKS, (Pte.) George, “C” Company enlisted in Clinton. His next of kin was Edmund Morrison, R.R. 3, Kippen, ON. Private George Wicks was a native of England.