161st Battalion – January 24, 1916

161st Battalion Diary – January 24, 1916

Enlistments – January 24, 1916

On January 24, 1916, the following fourteen men enlisted in the 161st Huron Battalion. Three of these fourteen men did not return home at war’s end.

654307, APPLETON, (Pte.) David Gordon, “C” Company enlisted in Exeter. His next of kin was Thomas Appleton, of Crediton East, a community near Exeter, ON.

654309, BRINTNELL, (Pte.) Clifford, “D” Company enlisted in Exeter. He is believed to be a member of the D Company of the 161st Battalion because he was identified in a photo of Hensall’s Own, reclining on his left elbow by the late G.W. Parker.

654312, DENNISON, (L. Cpl.) Alfred Wesley, “A” Company enlisted in Brussels. His next of kin was Mrs. Lillian Dennison of Walton, ON. Lance Corporal Alfred Dennison has prior military duty with the 33rd Hurons. He was photographed with the Wingham/Brussels/Wroxeter Boys standing in the back row, 2nd from the left.

654310, DILLING, (Pte.) Edward Cecil, “D” Company enlisted in Seaforth. His next of kin was Samuel L. Dilling of Kippen, ON.

654459, FISHER, (Pte.) Robert Percival, “C” Company enlisted in Clinton. His next of kin was Seth Fisher of Edgerton, ON. He was 1 of 5 Fisher’s on the 161st sailing list.

654298, FREMLIN, (Pte.) Theodore, Bandsman enlisted in Clinton, his hometown before and after the war. While training with the 161st at camps in London, ON and Camp Borden, Private Theo Fremlin was a member of the battalion’s brass band. He was photographed as a trombonist standing in the back row, 5th from the left in a 1916 Camp Borden photo.

654314, HAYWARD, (Pte.) Arthur Stanley, “D” Company was 1 of 2 sons of Bertha Hayward of Hensall, ON to enlist in the 161st at Hensall, ON.

Neither Arthur Hayward or his brother, Frank Hayward were photographed with Hensall’s Own.

654380, MAINES, (Pte.) George Edward, Blyth’s Own enlisted in Blyth. His next of kin was John Maines of Blyth.

Private George Maines was photographed with the Blyth’s Own group seated in the front, 5th from the left. This photo was printed in the 1967 East Wawanosh Centennial History.

654318, MARSHALL, (Pte.) James Russell, “C” Company enlisted in Exeter. His next of kin was Mrs. Elizabeth Marshall of Exeter, ON. Private Jim Marshall was one Mrs. E. Marshall’s 2 sons who enrolled with the 161st. The other son was Private John Marshall.

654337, RINTOUL, (Pte.) George Gordon, “A” Company enlisted in Wingham. His next of kin was Henry Rintoul of Whitechurch, ON.

654316, MARSHALL, (Pte.) John Henry, “B” Company enlisted in Seaforth but is considered a member of Goderich’s B Company because he was photographed with them in the top row, 14th from the left in the photo, Goderich’s Own. His next of kin was Clara Marshall of Goderich, ON.

654324, SHADDICK, (Pte.) Richard Ernest, “B” Company enlisted as a drum/bugle corpsman in Hensall. His next of kin was Thomas Shaddick of Hensall. Private Richard Shaddick had an older brother, Bill Shaddick who enlisted with D Company of the 161st. Private Ernie Shaddick played a bugle with the 161st’s Goderich Corps. Bert Ward identified Ernie Shaddick as “the bugler at the front of the third column … adjusting his cap.”

654322, SNELL, (Pte.) Ephriam, “C” Company enlisted in Clinton. His next of kin was James Snell, R.R. 1, Clinton.

654387, WOODLEY, (Sgt.) John, “B” Company enlisted in Goderich. His next of kin was Louisa Woodley, R.R. 3, Auburn. John Woodley served with the Imperial British forces prior to WWI. William E. “Bill” Good of Auburn remembered, “I remembered Sergeant John Woodley … he was a veteran of the Boer War (in South Africa from 1899 to 1902)”

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