161st Battalion Diary – January 18, 1916

Enlistments – January 18, 1916

Six men enlisted on January 18, 1916 in the 161st Huron Battalion. Two of these six men did not return home at war’s end.

654260, BROMBLEY, (Pte.) Charles Edward, “Blyth’s Own,” enlisted in Blyth. His next of kin was William Brombley of Londesborough, ON. Private Charles E. Brombley was photographed kneeling in the 3rd row, 13th from the left in the photo, Blyth’s Own.

654268, HAMM, (Pte.) William John, “Blyth’s Own,” enlisted in B Company of the Huron 161st Battalion in Blyth, ON, his hometown before and after the war. He was photographed in the 3rd row, 3rd from the left.

654282, HANDLEY, (Cpl.) George Frederick, “D” Company enlisted in Hensall, his hometown. He was photographed kneeling in the 3rd row at the extreme left in the photo, Hensall’s Own. His Corporal stripes showing plainly on his right sleeve in the photo.

654284, IRELAND, (Pte.) George Roy, “A” Company enlisted in Wingham. His next of kin was Alfred Ireland of Kincardine, ON.

654301, MAYHEW, (Pte.) Albert, “B” Company enlisted with the Huron 161st Battalion in Goderich, ON. Albert Mayhew was born in England and listed as his next of kin, William Mayhew of 19 Bridge St., Kilburn, Middlesex, England. Albert Mayhew was employed in a rural area south of Goderich before WWI.

654290, SANGSTER, (Cpl.) William, “D” Company enlisted with the D Company detachment in Hensall, ON, his home before and after WWI. His next of kin was listed as Mrs. W. Sangster, Stromness, Scotland. While overseas, William Sangster was in the photo of the 161st Sergeants’ Mess standing in the third row, 10th from the left.