Successful Brussels Recruitment Rally for 161st Hurons – Jan. 27, 1916

161st Battalion Diary – January 27, 1916

Huron Homefront – January 27, 1916

161st Huron News – The Brussels Post wrote that “one of the best and largest recruiting meetings and of most interest held in Huron County was on the program here Monday night.” By the end of the meeting, 6 young men had enlisted. They were:

W.E Scott (654335), James McCallum (654534), Richard Fay (654329), Dick Jones (654330), Harry Dye (654336), Mr. Price (654081)

Enlisted Huron Residents – Belmore area residents, John Lawrence (651238), James Lawrence (651400), William Abraham and George Marshall (651237) enlisted in the 161st Bruce Battalion and were training in Teeswater.

Enlistments – January 27, 1916

On January 27, 1916, there was only one enlistment.

654343, COX, (Sgt.) Clarence James, “Blyth’s Own” enlisted at Auburn. His next of kin was Mrs. Olive J. Cox of Auburn, ON.

Sgt. Clarence J. Cox was pictured with Blyth’s Own standing in the second back row, 1st from the left.

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