Battalion Grows by Four on Feb. 2, 1916 

Enlistments – February 2, 1916

On February 2, 1916, the following four men enlisted in the 161st Battalion. One of these four men did not return home at war’s end.

654388, COCKFIELD, (Pte.) Stanley George, “B” Company, enlisted in Goderich. His next of kin was Mrs. Annie Cockfield of Goderich, ON. His country of birth was England in Yorkshire County.

Private Stanley Cockfield was photographed with Goderich’s Own, kneeling in the 4th row, 13th from the left. S.G. Cockfield was also pictured with B Company’s Drum/Bugle Corps in May 1916 in this ‘mobilization scene’ that showed B Company lined up on the Goderich Square. Private Cockfield was a bugler in the drum and bugle band. He was identified in these photos by A.C. “Bert” Ward of Goderich, then Windsor.

654408, JOHNSON, (Pte.) Oliver M., “C” Company, enlisted in Goderich. His next of kin was Oliver Johnson of Goderich.

654396, McKAY, (Pte.) William Alexander, “D” Company enlisted in Hensall. His next of kin was Eric McKay of R.R. 2, Kippin, ON.

Private Bill McKay was photographed with Hensall’s Own in the 2nd back row, 14th from the left. He was identified by fellow 161st Battalion member, G.W. Parker of Exeter.

654398, SIMON, (Pte.) Harry, “B” Company-Drum & Bugle Corps, enlisted in Clinton. His next of kin was Mrs. Florence Simon at 5 Emmerson Ave. in Toronto, ON. He was born in England.

He was photographed in B Company’s Drum & Bugle Band as the bugler in the 3rd column to left of the bass drummer and identified in this photo by fellow 161st drum & bugler, Bert Ward.

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