3 Men Enlist from Clinton Area

161st Huron Battalion Diary – February 5, 1916

Enlistments – February 5, 1916

On February 5, 1916, the following three men enlisted in the 161st Huron Battalion.

654407, BARR, (Cpl.) William James, “Blyth’s Own”, enlisted in Blyth. His next of kin was Mrs. William J. Barr of Blyth, ON. His brother, Pte. Walter Earl Barr was also enlisted with the 161st Battalion in the Blyth Company.

Cpl. William Barr was photographed with Blyth’s Own in the 2nd back row at the extreme right.

654429, COLE, (Pte.) Francis Joshua, “C” Company, enlisted in Clinton. He was a native of Goderich Township (Tipperary) and his next of kin was his married sister, Mrs. Allen McDonald of Goderich. Pte. Francis Cole had prior military experience with the 33rd Hurons.

654406, THOMPSON, (Pte.) Charles Murray, Stretcher-Bearer, enlisted in Clinton. His next of kin was his brother, Dr. E.W. Thompson of Clinton. According to correspondence from his sister-in-law, Mrs. Aleta Thompson, at the time of enlistment, his brother, Dr. Fred Thompson, and himself, Charles Thompson, were living in Clinton.

Charles Thompson served as a stretcher-bearer and Red Cross soldier. He can be found in the photograph, Stretcher Bearers – 161st O.S. Bn. 1916, kneeling in the front row, 5th from the left. The photograph was sourced from Mrs. Dele Howes, R.R. 4, Clinton, ON.

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