No Enlistments…Lots of News

161st Huron Battalion Diary – February 24, 1916

There were no enlistments on February 24, 1916.

Huron Homefront – February 24, 1916

161st Huron Battalion News

William and Harry Westlake, from Belmore area, joined the 161st in Wroxeter. Their joining brought the number of boys in the Westlake family in khaki to 5. The Brussels Post reported, “Surely they are doing their duty to their country.”

Belgrave news in the Brussels Post reported that Mr. Fay has moved his wife and family to Wingham, where he will train with the soldiers.

In the Morris column of the Brussels Post, it was noted that “Mrs. Champion and her family moved from the 5th line of Morris to the town of Brussels, ON. She has 3 sons that are members of the Brussels Company of the 161st Battalion.”

Enlisted Huron Residents – The Brussels Post reported that, “Among the young men in the West offering their services to the Empire’s cause is Harold McCall, son of George and Mrs. McCall on the 8th line (of Morris Township). He has enlisted with the 89th Battalion, now located at Calgary and is in training there. It is several years since Mac (Harold McCall) went West, where he did well but he gave up a good position to don the uniform of the King. Old friends here hope that as he does his duty he will be protected from harm.”

Fallen Soldiers – On a sad note, the Brussels Post carried the following article in the Jamestown column. “General regret is expressed over the demise of Pte. Archie C. Wright, son of Frank C. And Margaret Wright, of this locality..the sad event took place last Monday at the Military hospital of Toronto. Deceased had come from Kyleville, Saskatchewan, and was a member of the Ammunition Column, Canadian Field Artillery. He took a trouble in his head known as mastoid abscesses and was operated on twice without avail. The funeral was held Wednesday in the Brussels cemetery, the members of the Brussels Company (of the 161st Hurons) meeting the procession at the boundary of the town and escorting the remains to its last resting place. Deceased was unmarried and a fine young man aged 25 years, 3 months and 21 days old. His mother and two brothers were at Toronto when he answered the Roll Call. The bereaved will be sharers in the sympathy of the public. Mr. Wright had been 6 weeks in Toronto. A contingent of Wroxeter soldiers also attended the funeral.

Community War Efforts

Recruiting plans were underway in Bluevale this week, according to the Brussels Post. It wrote, “A recruiting meeting under the auspices of the Huron County War Auxiliary is to be held in the Foresters’ Hall on Thursday night of this week. Rev. Hibbert, Wingham and Chaplain Parnaby of the Huron Battalion are among those expected to take part, in addition to a returned soldier, who promised to speak. A meeting was held in the Foresters’ Hall last Friday night to make arrangements for preparing a return of all the men of military age in this polling division of Turnberry who are fit for military service, in accordance with the policy which has been inaugurated throughout the County. William Mines presided and a committee of which Robert Shaw was the convener, was appointed to take charge of the work. Committee met Monday night and completed the list.”

In Walton, according to the Brussels Post, “a fine Patriotic recruiting meeting will be held in the A.O.U.W. Hall, Walton, next Tuesday afternoon, with the Women’s meeting. Nurse Neelin, Seaforth and a returned soldier from the war and others will speak. Let everybody come and hear the message from the trenches.”

In Belgrave, the Brussels Post reported “A recruiting meeting will be held in the Hall (Belgrave) here this Thursday night. Rev. D. Perrie, Wingham and returned soldiers will address the meeting. Suitable musical numbers will be given. Come and do your “bit.”

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