161st Hurons Recruit 80 Men in 3 Days

161st Huron Battalion Events in March, 1916

In the weekly Goderich Signal, they carried a weekly column called “Lads in Khaki”. The weekly newspapers of each community had similar columns that reported on the movements and activities of the enlisted men of Huron County. Weeklies like the Brussels Post, the Wingham Advance-Times, the Seaforth Expositor, the Exeter Times, the Blyth Standard, the Goderich Signal and the Goderich Star all kept families, friends and communities informed about news of the enlisted men, war volunteers, community war efforts and what was going on in Europe and at home.

In one of the March 1916 columns of ”Lads in Khaki”, a headline read, “The Big Drive Starts.”  An enlistment drive in Goderich resulted in 80 enlistments over three days due to special recruiting efforts.

That same issue reported that B Company of the 161st Huron Battalion marched to Dungannon on the last Saturday of the month. At the time, there were 70 men in B Company.

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