161st Huron Battalion Diary – March 1, 1916

Enlistments – March 1, 1916

Four men enlisted in the 161st Huron Battalion on March 1, 1916. One of these four men did not return home to his family at the war’s end.

654531, FORD, (Pte.) Garnet, “C” Company, enlisted in Exeter, Ontario. His next of kin was George Ford of R.R. 1 Centralia, Ontario.

654532, JARMAN, (Pte.) Albert Wellington, “Blyth’s Own,” enlisted in Blyth, Ontario. His next of kin was William Jarman of 63 Havelock St., Leicester, England. Albert Jarman’s country of birth was also listed as England. Private Albert W. Jarman was photographed with the “B” Company’s detachment, Blyth’s Own, kneeling in the 2nd row, 9th from the left.

654535, SOUTHCOTT, (Pte.) Robert Earl, “C” Company, enlisted in Exeter, his hometown prior to WWI. His next of kin was Ms. C.A. Southcott of Exeter.

654536, STONE, (Pte.) William Charles, “Hensall’s Own,” enlisted in Hensall with “D” Company. William Stone’s next of kin was Ms. Eleanor R. Stone of Hensall, Ontario. Private William C. Stone was photographed with Hensall’s Own kneeling in the 3rd row, 11th from the left.