161st B & Companies On Exercise in Goderich

161st Battalion ActivitiesMarch 9, 1916

Clinton & Goderich Companies Train In Front of Local Goderich Crowd

C Company of the 161st Huron Battalion arrived in Goderich around 2:30 pm, after marching from Clinton, where their headquarters is established.  B & C Companies of Goderich and Clinton met at the railway crossing on Hwy 8, southeast of Goderich. Strains of the Battalion’s brass band alternated with those of “B” Company’s drum and bugle corps.

The Clinton and Goderich Companies, of approximately 250, marched into Goderich where hundreds of people lined the streets, dressed in their holiday attire. Goderich Mayor MacLean extended a welcome to the visiting troops, who were given billets in private homes overnight. The next morning, the Clinton part of the company departed, escorted several miles by the Goderich detachment. (Goderich Signal, March 9, 1916)

161st Huron Enlistments – March 9, 1916

Three men enlisted in the 161st Huron Battalion on March 9, 1916.

654572, KEMP (Pte.) Albert Ernest, “C” Company enlisted in Clinton, Ontario. His next of kin was Henry S. Kemp of Goderich, Ontario.

Private Albert E. Kemp did not survive WWI. Private Albert Kemp was believed to have been a member of the 58th Regiment, which drafted around 200 members of the Huron 161st for active duty in December 1916. While fighting with the 58th, Private A.E. Kemp was reported missing in October 1917. In December 1917, the Signal newspaper reported that, “Private A.E. Kemp, son of the well-known clock-maker in Goderich, was officially reported, killed in action (during the Battle of Paschendaele in late October 1917). Albert Kemp was memorialized on the Honour Roll of WWI soldiers in the Goderich Anglican Church and on the Goderich Legion Cenotaph.

654566, NEWCOMBE, (Pte.) Harold, Bandsman enlisted in his hometown of Goderich, Ontario. His next of kin was Ms. Martha Newcombe of Goderich. Private Harold was a trombonist with the 161st Huron Battalion’s brass band and was photographed with them at Camp Borden in the top row, 6th from left.

After serving in WWI, Harold Newcombe worked at the Western Canada Flour Mills in Goderich, Ontario as a salesman. He continued his musical pursuits as a member of the civilian group, the Goderich Bluewater Band who won a prize in the  1927 Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) band competition in Toronto. Harold Newcombe was remembered on the Goderich Anglican Church’s Honour Roll.  He died on December 3, 1959.

654562, SMITH, (Pte.) William Henry, “B” Company enlisted at Goderich, Ontario. His next of kin was Ms. Alice Emily Smith of Bruce St., Goderich, Ontario.  William Smith’s brother, Benjamin Smith, also enlisted in the 161st Huron Battalion’s “B” Company. Both were born in England.

Huron County War News-March 9, 1916


In the “Belmore” column of the Brussels Post, it was reported that Pte. George Marshall of Teeswater was home on the weekend and that George Smith joined the 160th Battalion in Teeswater and was currently training in Teeswater.

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