161st Battalion Has Slow Recruitment Week

161st Huron Enlistments – March 7, 1916

Only one man enlisted in the 161st Huron Battalion on March 7, 1916.

654566, SILCOCK, (Pte.) Joseph Somerset, “C” Company enlisted in Clinton, Ontario. Joseph Silcock was a native of England who was living and working in the Clinton area when he enlisted. His next of kin was Leah Bainbridge of Wythburn, Grasmere, Westmoreland, England.

While serving overseas with the 47th, Private Joseph S. Silcock was wounded in the groin in the Battle for Cambrai on September 25, 1918. Private J.S. Silcock spent the rest of the war in hospitals recovering from his injuries.

After recovery, Joseph Silcock was returned to Canada where he worked in a bakery in Clinton, Ontario as a bread truck driver. During WWII, he worked at the Clinton Canadian Forces base as a custodian. Joe Silcock became a resident of Westminster War Veterans’ Hospital in London, Ontario, where he died on January 26, 1982.

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