Today’s Recruits From Wingham Area

161st Battalion Enlistments – March 18, 1916

Three men enlisted in the 161 Huron Battalion on March 18, 1916.

654716 Co.Q-M SergtJohnAllen

Quartermaster J.A. Allen

654716, ALLEN, (CQMS.) John Andrew, “A” Company enlisted in Wingham, ON. His next of kin was Robert Allen of Wingham, ON.

When Quartermaster J.A. Allen was in training in London, ON and at Camp Borden, he played piano to accompany a barber-shop quartette of which Dr. F.G. Thompson, of Clinton, ON, was a member, according to Dr. Thompson.

During the war, Quartermaster John Andrew was accidentally injured in the hand while on duty overseas. Due to blood poisoning, he spent a year in an English hospital and was invalided home to Wingham in July 1918.

After the war N.W. Miller’s 1935 nominal roll listed Company Sergeant J.A. Allen as living in North Bay, ON.

654587, COLEMAN, (Pte.) Charles Sidney, “Blyth’s Own” enlisted in Blyth, Ontario. His next of kin was Mrs. E. Coleman of Walthamstow, Essex County, England, which was also his place of birth, according to the 1916 overseas roll.

Private Charles Coleman was photographed with “B Company,” also known as “Blyth’s Own” standing in the back row, 9th from the left.

654588, DAY, (Pte.) George Linfred, “A” Company enlisted in Wingham, ON, his hometown before and after the war.

He was photographed with the Wingham/Wroxeter/ Brussels boys of the 161st Battalion standing in the front row, 15th from the left. The photograph was  later published in the April 6, 1967 edition of the Wingham Advance Times. George Day was identified by Jim Currie, who owned a copy of the photo.

According to former Wingham newspaper editor, William McCool, George Day was one of the barbers in Wingham after WWI.

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