Charles P. Town Commissioned as 161st Captain

Officer Commissions – March 16, 1916

One captain was commissioned in the 161st Huron Battalion on March 16, 1916.

TOWN, (Captain) Charles Percy, “D” Company was commissioned as a captain on March 16, 1916. His next of kin was Henry Town of Hamilton, ON. Captain Charles Town had acquired prior military experience with the 33rd Huron regiment.

Captain Charles P. Town was photographed with Hensall’s Own seated in the 3rd row, 10th from the left. He was also photographed with the Band of the 161st Huron Battalion seated in the 3rd row, 3rd from the left.

After the war, he lived at 17 Raglan Street, Toronto, ON, according to N.W. Miller’s 1935 nominal roll.

161st Battalion Enlistments – March 16, 1916

On March 16, 1916, two men enlisted in the 161st Huron Battalion

654577, BRIDLE, (Pte.) William Thomas, “B” Company enlisted in Goderich. His next of kin was Ms. Florence H. Bridle of Goderich, ON. His country of birth was listed as England. While with “B” Company in Goderich he was a member of the kitchen crew and was photographed with Goderich’s Own, wearing a cook’s outfit, standing at the extreme right (Soldier #32)

Prior to WWI, Tom Bridle lived and worked in the Kintail area of Huron County. After enlisting and going over to England, Private Tom Bridle was “badly wounded” by shrapnel while he was serving overseas with the 1st Canadian Machine-Gun brigade in France.

Although he recovered and returned to work as a grain handler after the war, he  always required medical treatment,” according to his son Reg Bridle in a 1977 interview. Tom Bridle later moved to Hamilton, where he died on May 9, 1959. He was commemorated as W.T. Bridle on the WWI Honor Roll in St. George Anglican Church in Goderich, ON.

654584, SIMMONS, (Pte) Frederick Jonas, Hensall’s Own enlisted in Hensall and listed his next of kin, Ms. Hannah Simmons of R.R. 1, Hensall, ON. Private Fred J. Simmons was photographed in the second back row, 5th from the left in the photo of Hensall’s Own.

While overseas, the Goderich Signal reported Pte. F. J. Simmons as “wounded during recent fighting at Arras” in their August 1918 edition.

In N.W. Miller’s 1935 nominal roll, Fred Simmons was listed as having died since the war in 1930.

Huron County War News – March 16, 1916

In the “Belmore” column of the Brussels Post it was reported that Carter McKee enlisted with the 160th Bruce Battalion and was training in Walkerton.

T. Meahan enlisted with the 161st Huron Battalion and was training in Wroxeter.

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