161st Battalion Enlistments – March 17, 1916

Enlisted on March 17, 1916 were the following two men.

654624, BELLAMY, (Pte.) Charles Arthur, “B” Company enlisted in Goderich, ON and his next of kin was Mrs. Annie Bellamy of Dungannon, ON. It is believed that Charles Bellamy’s family owned and operated Dungannon’s pre-war weekly newspaper, The Dungannon News. An April 15, 1915 edition was obtained from Mrs. Ruby Anderson (nee Curran) of Elgin Avenue, Goderich which listed the editor’s name as H. Bellamy.

654609, JOHNSTON, (Pte.) David, “A” Company enlisted in Wingham and his next of kin was listed as John Johnston of Bluevale, ON.

According to the publication, the Huron War Memorial, Pte. David Johnston “was one of the first of the wounded (161st Hurons) to be returned…He arrived (in Wingham) on July 16, 1917. While scouting in ‘no man’s land’ (in France) David had part of his left hand shot off by a sniper and amputation was necessary.”