5 Men Enlist on April 3

Enlistments – April 3, 1916

On April 3, 1916, 5 men enlisted in the 161st Huron Battalion.

654718, COATS, (Pte.) William Jesse, “C” Company, enlisted on April 3, 1916 in Clinton. His next of kin was Ms. Jean Coats of Clinton, ON. Private William J. Coats had previous military experience with the 33rd Huron Regiment.

Private William Jesse Coats survived WWI. He was listed as living in Port Hope, ON in N.W. Miller’s 1935 nominal roll.

654720, DICKINSON, (L. Cpl.) Joseph Arthur, “C” Company, enlisted in Clinton on April 3, 1916, though his pre-war address was listed as 1001 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON. Lance Corporal Joseph A. Dickinson and his pre-war chum, Bert Marsh, formerly of Auburn, were photographed together in England while on furlough. Another photograph exists of them in March 1918 while on active duty in France with the Canadian Corps of Reinforcements.

Lance Corporal J.A. Dickinson survived WWI. Joe Dickinson worked for the Post Office in Toronto after the war. His address was 59 Eastmount Ave. according to N.W. Miller’s 1935 nominal roll.

654721, MARSHALL, (Pte.) Chester Thomas, Signals Section, enlisted on April 3, 1916 in Clinton. His next of kin was William Marshall of Clinton, ON. He has been tentatively identified in a photograph of the 161st Signallers, taken while they were taking the signalling course in Clinton in the spring of 1916 as standing beside Austin Nediger.

Private Chester Thomas Marshall survived WWI. In 1935, he was listed as residing at 114 Paddington Ave in Windsor, ON. Chester Marshall died on February 28, 1967.

654726, BAXTER, (Pte.) George Leslie, “B” Company, enlisted in Goderich on April 3, 1916. His next of kin was Mrs. Charlotte Baxter of Goderich, ON. Private George Leslie Baxter was photographed with Goderich’s Own, standing the 2nd back row, 12th from the left.

Overseas in France, Private G.L. Baxter fought with the 47th Battalion.

After WWI, George Baxter was a carpenter who built houses and cottages in the Goderich area, including 2 cottages at Kintail Beach. During the 1940s, he and his family were frequent visitors to this resort on Lake Huron, 15 miles north of Goderich.

During WWII, George Baxter was employed as a carpenter/custodian at the British Commonwealth Airforce school, Sky Harbour, just outside of Goderich. Many of its building were built by George Baxter. He was a life member of the Goderich Branch 109 of the Royal Canadian Legion and served as its president. George L. Baxter died on May 31, 1965.

654742, FOWLER, (Pte.) Reginald, “B” Company, enlisted in Goderich on April 3, 1916. His next of kin was Mrs. John Fowler of R.R. 5, Goderich, ON.

Private Reginald Fowler survived WWI. He came home and ran a variety story on Hamilton Street in Goderich, before  moving to London, On where he continued to run a variety store until WWII.

During WWII, Reg Fowler was in the Veterans’ Guard and on duty near the Crumlin Airport near London, ON. Reginald Fowler died on June 30, 1967.

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