Enlistments – April 8, 1916

On April 8, 1916, 8 men enlisted with the 161st Huron Battalion, 2 did not survive the war.

654746, BERRY, (Pte.) William Frank, “B” Company, enlisted on April 8 in Goderich. His next of kin was Mabel Berry of Overton Hants, England. Prior to the war William F. Berry lived in Colborne Township, near Benmiller. He’d just emigrated from England to Canada in 1911.

Private W.F. Berry was one of the first of the 161st Huron Battalion to cross the British Channel to France when he went in mid-December 1916 to join the 58th Battalion. While serving in France, Private William Berry was badly wounded by shrapnel during the Battle of Lens in July 1917. According to the Goderich Star of the time, “he received shrapnel wounds to both arms, chest and hip.

Bill Berry returned to Colborne Township after the war. He died on July 29, 1955.

654733, BLACK, (Sgt.) John James, “Hensall’s Own”, enlisted on April 8  in Hensall. His next of kin was James D. Black of Dutton, ON. Sergeant John James Black was photographed with Hensall’s Own standing in the 2nd back row, 7th from the left. This photograph shows that John J. Black had three stripes on his tunic sleeve, indicating he had the rank of Sergeant.

Private J.J. Black survived WWI and returned to Dutton, ON.

654740, MacLEAN, (Sgt.) Birtin James, “B” Company, enlisted on April 8  with “B” Company. His next of kin was Alex. MacLean of Warren St., Goderich, ON. Prior to the war, Birtin J. MacLean worked on a Great Lakes freighter.

Private Birtin MacLean did not survive WWI. According to L.W. Currell, Private MacLean was fatally injured in the Battle of Bourlon Wood on September 26, 1918. He is commemorated on the Royal Canadian Cenotaph 109 in Goderich as “B. MacLean.”

654736, McKINNEY, (Pte.) Thomas Leslie, “A” Company, enlisted on April 8  in Wingham. His next of kin was his father, Joseph McKinney of Bluevale, ON.

According to the Wingham Advance’s War Memorial of Huron County’s Heroes and Heroines, “Pte. Leslie McKinney was a son of Mr. And Mrs. J. McKinney of Bluevale. He enlisted with the 161st Battalion and had served over ten months in the trenches. He was 19 years of age and paid the supreme sacrifice on August 23, 1917.”  He was killed in action on Hill 70, north of Lens.

654737, McLEOD, (Pte.) Kenneth, “Hensall’s Own”, enlisted on April 8  in Hensall. His next of kin was Ms. Fedella McLeod of Parkhill, ON. Private Kenneth McLeod and his brother, Private Norman McLeod both signed with the 161st Huron Battalion. Private Ken McLeod was photographed with Hensall’s Own standing in the 2nd back row, 9th from the left.

During fighting in France, Private Ken McLeod was wounded on September 27, 1918 during the battle of Bourlon Wood. After he recovered and was discharged, he returned to Canada.

Once home, he resumed farming in West William Township in Middlesex County. He later moved his farming operations to East William Township. When he and his wife retired, they moved to Parkhill. Ken McLeod died on January 11, 1978.

654732, PORTERFIELD, (Pte.) Arthur, “D” Company, enlisted on April 8  in Seaforth. His next of kin was Robert Porterfield of Seaforth, ON. Arthur Porterfield was born in England.

Private Arthur Porterfield survived WWI. In 1935, he was living at 2706 Brunswick Ave. in Flint, Michigan.

654741, ROLLINSON, (Pte.) Alfred, Bandsman, enlisted on April 8  in Auburn. When Private Alfred Rollinson served in France, he was a stretcher-bearer for a Red Cross brigade.

After WWI, A. Rollinson served as the postmaster for Auburn from 1928 to 1958. He died on May 6, 1976.

654742, TROYER, (Pte.) Joseph Aldimer, “D” Company, enlisted on April 8  in Seaforth. His next of kin was Ms. Sarah A. Troyer of Seaforth.

Private Joseph A. Troyer survived the war. Joseph Troyer was listed as living at 127 Old Orchard Grove in Toronto, ON on N.W. Miller’s 1935 nominal roll.