Local 161st Companies Compete in Brussels

161st Battalion News – April 19, 1916

On April 19, 1916 four companies of the 161st Huron Battalion – Blyth, Wingham, Wroxeter and Brussels – spent the day in Brussels. The over 250 soldiers came from Wingham on the morning train and were led in march from the train depot by the Battalion’s band, who played “We’ll Never Let The Old Flag Fall.” The officers in command were Lt. Col. Coombe, Major Shaw, Major Sinclair, Captain Vanstone and Lieutenants McLean, Porter, O’Neil, Scott and S. Scott.

The forenoon was spent in “military evolutions and a good program of sports.” The winners were:

100 yard dash – Sholdice, Gray and Fetterly

Jockey races – Acheson & Mercer, Slemmon & Thibideau and Lawson & Wightman

Bull in the ring – Brussels won

Band race – Scott, Stewart and Cook

3 legged race – Gray & Lawson, Mercer & Huffman

Relay race – Wroxeter and Brussels

Bugle Band race – Fraser, Blackwell

Leapfrog – Wingham and Brussels

Putting shot – Barnard, Thomson

Tug of War – Wroxeter

At 2pm, the march took place with Brussels School pupils carrying flags joining the parade. On arrival at Victoria Park, the four Companies were drilled in various manoeuvres.

Sixty young men, 20 from Wingham, 20 from Wroxeter and 20 from Brussels, gave an exhibition of physical exercises and “went through various movements wonderfully well, seeing that they had only been together on one former occasion.”

Patriotic songs were sung by the students, who were accompanied by the Military Band. (Brussels Post, April 20, 1916)

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