Two More Recruits

Enlistments – April 21, 1916

On April 21, 1916, only 2 men enlisted with the 161st Huron Battalion.

654757, CHAPMAN, (Sgt.) William Almon, “Bandsman” enlisted in Goderich. His next of kin was Mrs. Elizabeth J. Chapman of Seaforth, ON. According to Bill Chapman’s brother, Garnet Chapman, a retired dentist in Fort Erie,  “Before enlisting, my brother, Bill, was playing hockey at Goderich and had played briefly (as a goalkeeper) for a professional Cleveland team.”

“While he was with the 161st, he played a clarinet with the Battalion’s brass band and he was leader of the 161st Brass Band in Canada.” Sergeant William A. Chapman was photographed with Sergeants G. James, C. Rance and W.O. Goodwin in a photo featured in the original manuscript of Huron Overseas. Sergeant Bill Chapman’s older brother, Herb Chapman, also enlisted but was killed in action at the Regina Trench during WWI.

After the war, Bill Chapman was a railroad clerk and lived in Trenton, ON. He later moved to Pembroke. He died on April 6, 1974 in his 84th year.

654761, PRIEST, (Pte.) James Alexander, “Hensall’s Own,” enlisted in Hensall. His next of kin was James Priest of Hensall, ON.

Private James A. Priest was one of three Battalion members to be decorated with the Distinguished Conduct Medal. The other two members were N.W. Miller and L. Armstrong. Private James Priest was photographed with Hensall’s Own in the top row at the extreme right.

In 1935, James Priest was  residing at 1915 Union Street, Port Huron, Michigan, USA.

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