Huron County War News – April 27, 1916

At a Belgrave Patriotic Meeting, the following enlisted soldiers were called to the platform for a presentation of wrist watches with illuminated dials – R. Irvin Ferguson, James McCallum, Richard Fay, Harry Pye, John Tasker, Bert Tasker, John Anderson, Charles Coultes, Austin Campbell, Albert Price, Albert Horn and William Sutton.

The “Belmore” column of the Brussels Post reported that:

Carter McKee of Galt was home for a few days

Privates W. Abraham, G. Marshall and W. Marshall of Teeswater area spent Sunday with their parents.

The “Jamestown” column of the Brussels Post noted that Pte. Ralph Shaw, formerly of the 3rd line of Morris Township had typhoid fever and was being treated in a Medicine Hat hospital.

The “Morris” column of the Brussels Post reported that Dr. J. McCracken, who recently enlisted as medical staff. He was in the area visiting old friends.

Frank Cloakey and his mother, Mrs. Cloakey, came up from Toronto to visit old friends in Morris Township. Frank enlisted with one of the Toronto city companies. His father, W.H. Cloakey, worked in the Toronto audit office of the C.P.R.