Battalion Events – May 18, 1916

Three weeks later after Lieutenant Colonel called for an additional 250 recruits to complete the Battalion’s strength of 1000 men, Goderich paper noted that the campaign for 161st recruits was making progress. It reported over 120 recruits signed up with the 161st Huron Battalion since the publication of Coombe’s address in the May 5th edition of the Goderich Star.

By this blog’s accounts, that number only appears to have been 69 enlisted men. No officers have been tracked due to difficulty in accessing the officer’s names and attestation, so that may account for the difference in numbers… maybe.

Huron County War News – May 18, 1916

According to the “Belmore” column of the Brussels Post, Private William Abraham and his wife welcomed their newborn daughter into the world.

Privates Wesley and George Marshall lost their father, John Marshall. In addition to Wesley and George, John Marshall left behind his wife, 2 daughters, Mrs. William Abram of Belmore and Miss Margaret Marshall of Toronto and 3 other sons who resided at home, Emmanuel, Samuel and David.