Reginald Alger Commissioned at 161st Lieutenant

Officer Commissions – August 30, 1916

On August 30, 1916, one officer was commissioned in the 161st Huron Battalion.

654403, CLUFF, (Lt.) Reginald Alger was commisioned at a Lieutenant. He enlisted on February 3, 1916. Lieutenant Reginald Alger Cluff was born on September 13, 1891 in Brussels. In 1916, he was living in Stratford in Perth County, ON. His next of kin was his father, Rev. W. T. Cluff of 108 Mornington St., Stratford, ON. Reginald Cluff’s occupation before enlistment was as a journalist. He spent one year as a private in the C.O.T.C. Canadian Militia and belonged to the 28th Perth Regiment.

By the end of WWI, Lieutenant R.A Cluff had achieved the rank of Captain.

Lieutenant R.A. Cluff survived WWI and was living in Strathroy, ON in 1935

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