Community War Work in Brussels, ON Area

Home Events – October 21, 1916

According to the Brussels Post, October 21, 1916 the following war-related events took place in the Brussels area.

In Bluevale, the Red Cross workers have been holding their sewing bees in the churches for several weeks on Wednesday afternoons and accomplished a great deal of work. The Bluevale Women’s Institute has also “made several shipments of jam for the the soldiers.”

A Trafalgar Day was held on October 21, 1916 at a public meeting at the Bluevale school at 8 pm. Different aspects of the war were discussed by a number of speakers. L.W. Winch spoke on the causes of the War; Rev. D.D. Thompson explained the Eastern Front, while Clayton Duff explained the Western Front. J.W. King discussed the situation in the Balkans, the Dardenelles and the Italian Front while Rev. Crawford Tate dealt with the war on the sea. All the speakers used maps to illustrate their talks to “make the war as vivid as possible to their hearers.” The proceeds would go to Red Cross, except for a small sum for school improvements.

On Sunday, October 15, 1916, members of the Westminister Guild of the Bluevale Knox Presbyterian Church and the Bluevale Women’s Institute visited  Alfred Ennis (603222) of the 34th Battalion at the home of John Spence of Morris to give him a gift of cash, time being too short to order him a wrist watch. He was due to leave London, On with his battalion for “parts unknown.” “A. MacEwen and L.S. Winch and others expressed the regard and appreciation the people of the community feel towards one who has lived in our midst for several years and has responded to the call of duty.” (Note: Alfred Ennis was born Feb. 21, 1895 in Sussex, England, worked for George and Bella MacDonald of Lots 28-30 N, Concession 1 in Morris Township).

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