Battalion’s Trip Across the Atlantic

Battalion Events – November 1916

Travelling in the convoy of troop ships to England were the Empress of Britain, the S.S. Southland and the S.S. Coronisa. The journey to England on the S.S. Lapland was long and the weather was stormy at times. A high percentage of the troops were ill, according to Private Lloyd W. Currell.

Corporal A.E. Warner described some of the daily activities of the men while at sea in article in the Goderich Signal on November 30, 1916. “Each day a parade aboard ship was called. All men were required to put on a lifebelt and be ready for lifeboat drill. One lifeboat was allotted to each platoon.”

Upon arrival at Liverpool on November 13, 1916, the Battalions disembarked and immediately boarded troop trains at the dockside bound for camp. They travelled by train through England  to the camp, Dibgate, in southern England near Folkestone (on the English Channel), according to Private Lloyd Currell.

Initially, the 161st Huron Battalion was to became one of four Battalions that made one of the three Brigades of the 5th Division.

That November, the first draft of 200 men were sent across the English Channel to fight on the front in France.

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