Huron County Men Killed on Battlefield

Huron County War News – November 2, 1916

Pte. William H. Whitfield, son of John Whitfield of Bowis Island, Alberta, formerly of Grey Township, was killed in France. He went overseas with a Winnipeg Infantry company in 1914 and was at first reported missing. The latest report announced his death. He was 30 years old and had already been wounded after a month in the trenches. After a 2 month hospital stay, he returned to duty. His death will be greatly regretted by his family and friends.

Patrick Crampsey, a 26 year old Englishman and former resident of Grey Township, was killed in France 6 weeks ago. He enlisted with the 71st Battalion and went overseas in 1915. He worked for 3 years on the farm of Mark L. Cardiff of the 13th concession of Grey, who spoke very highly of him.

Sergant-Major John Barnhill, a former Morris Township boy who attended Button’s schoolhouse and a former London police sergeant who went to the front with Lieut- Col. Wood Leonard’s famous 6th Battery is in an English hospital suffering from shell shock. In early October, while serving with the 12th Battery, he was standing by his gun when a shell came over and blew him many feet into the air. Though he sustained no broken bones or serious wounds, he was sent to hospital from intense shock. A nurse from his hospital has written to say he was making favorable progress and would be soon able to write for himself. He has been on the firing lines of the front for the last 2 years and been decorated for bravery. He has received the Russian Cross of St. George, awarded the French Cross of War by France for bravery and other medals for brilliant service. He is also a veteran of the Boar War.

Gunner George Jordan, formerly of the 5th line of Morris Township, has gone overseas with his Battery.

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