S.S. Lapland Finally Arrives in Liverpool, England

Battalion Events – November 13, 1916

On November 13, 1916, the S.S. Lapland sailed into Liverpool, England. The 161st Huron Battalion were assembled at 4 am but did not disembark from the ship until 4 pm. They were marched to the shipping sheds to wait for 2 hours for the train.Around 6 pm, the Battalion and others were loaded onto railway troop cars and moved to the Dibgate Camp, near Shorncliffe, near Folkestone on the southeast coast of England. During the train ride, in which they travelled 8 men and their luggage to a compartment, all doors and windows were closed and shuttered because no lights are to be seen at night. At Dibgate Camp, they camped for a week in this isolation camp, to ensure no illnesses were brought over from Canada that might be contagious. They were also waiting for their huts to be finished (Earl Johns letter-Nov14, 1916).

A group of the soldiers from Exeter area sent a telegram to Exeter to let people know that they had arrived in England. As Pte. Earl Johns explained in a letter to his mother, they figured the telegram would get there sooner than their letters.

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