Battalion Events – November 30, 1916

On November 30, 1916, about 200 men from the 161st Huron Battalion were taken on strength with the 58th Battalion. The 58th Battalion had been in France since February 20, 1916. They were part of the 9th Brigade of the 3rd Canadian Division.

This Battalion had participated in the trench warfare for Mount Sorrel and Sanctuary Wood in Ypres Salient in the spring and summer of 1916. By September 1916, the heavy losses of 576 men in less than a year required them to take on more men.

One of the men, Pte. Nelson Agar was transferred on November 30, 1916, he was transferred to the 58th Canadian Battalion at Debgate, England and landed in France with the 58th on December 1, 1916. Once in France, the men were moved to the front lines to reinforce the 3rd Canadian Division.