New NCO’s Added to Battalion Personnel

Battalion Personnel

Once in England, the 161st Huron Battalion, also known as the 161st Canadian Infantry Battalion, had other non-commissioned officers attached to the Battalion, though not part of the original enlisted roster of men. They included:

Sgt. A.J. Scott – Bandmaster

Sgt. L.M. Littlejohn – Orderly Room sergeant

Sgt. E.W. Cross – “A” Company sergeant

Sgt. H. Oakley – “B” Company sergeant

Sgt. H. Shuttleworth – “C” Company sergeant

Sgt. C. Edmonstons – “D” Company sergeant

Sgt. C. Ballantyne – Armourer sergeant

Sgt. W.H. Jones – Musketry instructor

Sgt. J.F. Thomas – Physical/basic training instructor

Sgt. A.W. Tichbourne – “D” Company sergeant

They were all featured in a photograph entitled Warrant Officers, Staff Sergeants and Sergeants – 161st Canadian Infantry Battalion, that belonged to Mrs. Mary Rollinson of Auburn, ON. It was featured on page 174 of the Huron Overseas manuscript by Sandy MacDonald.

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