Start of Official 161st Battalion Diary

The contents of the diary of the 161st Huron Battalion’s activities, which was kept by the head of the Battalion, is available starting in February 1, 1917, courtesy of the Library and Archives of Canada. This diary provides a very basic overview of the 161st Battalion’s daily activities as a reserve battalion.

Official 161st Battalion Diary – February 1, 1917

Location: Witley Camp, North Surrey

8am Strength: 25 officers, 496 other ranks.

Reformed the Battalion from the system used in the Shorncliffe area and which is applicable to Reserve Battalion, to four (4) company basis. Quarters were allotted by Companies and the Cadre of Instructors for the several schools detailed. Schools were formed in Musketry, Drill, Bombing, Engineering and P.T. and B.F. Owing to lack of instructors no Anti-Gas or Lewis Gun training was carried on.

1:30pm Battalion attached to 14th Canadian Infantry Battalion, 5th Canadian Division. Training was carried on under the school system.

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