Site Update – Exciting Developments

Thanks to kind readers, more information and photos of the men of the 161st Battalion are coming to light.

Enhanced past entries and new features are just a few of the changes we are making. As photos become available, faces are being added to the enlistment entries so people can see the young men who enlisted and the men who commanded them. Over the next month, over 40+ new faces will appear next to entries of men from all ranks.

Under development is a bibliography section for the site that will be added to as the site grows. It will document the sources used in the inspiration for this site.

There will also be a section to find the men, by name in addition to enlistment date. This section will include their history as we know it and will be added to as new information is shared.

Visit the site often to keep abreast of men of the 161st and their adventures and challenges, published a century to the day, after the events of WWI. History made and now documented in all its glory and sadness.

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