Day Two – Vimy Ridge

War Events – April 10, 1917

April 10, 1917 was the second day of Canadians’ attack on Vimy Ridge. By the end of the first day, the Canadians were eating supper on the crest of the Ridge.

New Tactics at Vimy

1. Canadians weren’t using shrapnel to cut wire. The Allied army had had little luck with this approach. Instead they used a new fuse, where shells exploded on impact instead of above the target

2. Using platoons, men trained in all weapons advanced in different directions with speed, each with their own objectives. All men were trained in the plan, so that if a commander was lost, the plan could still be carried out.

3. The men were trained to move closely behind the curtain of artillery shells that usually proceeded an attack, giving the enemy no respite or recovery time.

4. Canadian Andrew McNaughton of McGill University and three British physicists invented flash spotting, a sound ranging technology that identified enemy gun positions in advance of the battle and neutralized them.

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