Day After Boxing Day – 5 Enlist

161st Battalion Diary – December 27, 1915

Enlistments – December 27, 1915

Five men enlisted on December 27, 1915 in the 161st Huron Battalion.

654145, DICK, (C.Q,M.S.) Thomas Henry, “D” Company enlisted at Seaforth. His next of kin was John Dick of Seaforth, ON. Company Quarter-Master (CQMS) Thomas Dick had prior military experience with the 33rd Huron Regiment.

654031, FARRANT, (Pte.) James Harold, “C” Company enlisted in Clinton. Private James Farrant was a native of England, but lived at R.R. 2, Clinton at time of enlistment. His next of kin was Henry Samuel Farrant.

654039, GOSLEIGH, (Pte.) Alexander James, “C” Company, joined the 161st’s C Company at Clinton. His next of kin was Thirza Gosleigh of Clinton, ON.

654134, PIERCE, (Pte.) Harry Edward, bandsman, enlisted in Seaforth. His next of kin was George A. Sills, Seaforth, ON. The United States was his country of birth.

F. Sills wrote that “Private H. Pierce was born and raised in Chicago, however after a disastrous fire, the Pierce family was left homeless. Mr. F. Sills (Sr.) being a maternal uncle, adopted one of his nephews, Harry, and gave the boy a home in Seaforth. As a youth, Harry clerked in  Pickard’s Dry Goods Store in Seaforth.  When the 161st was established, he enlisted with it. After his overseas army duty, Harry returned  to his pre-Great War occupation, clerking in a Seaforth store.”

While serving with the 161st, at camps in Canada and overseas, Private H. E. Pierce was a member of the unit’s brass band. He was pictured with the band at Camp Borden with his instrument, the snare drum, standing at the extreme right.

654108, VANSTONE, (Pte.) William Lloyd, “B” Company joined the 161st detachment at Goderich. His next of kin was Mrs. Minnie Vanstone of Berlin (Kitchener), ON. Private William L. Vanstone was pictured with Goderich’s Own kneeling in the second row, eleventh from the left. (Identified by 161ster A.C. Ward of Windsor, ON)