News from Witley Camp and Home

Battalion Diary – April 5, 1917

Location: Witley Camp, North Surrey

Battalion proceeded on 14th Brigade Route March all day via PORTMOUTH ROAD – DYE HOUSE-PITCH PLACE-SILVERBACK main road to MILLBRIDGE-SHEEP HATCH-RISTEAD-CAMP. Battalion returned to Camp at 6:00pm. Weather good.

Home Events – April 5, 1917

On April 5, 1917, the Brussels Post ran the following letter.

“Witley Camp, Surrey England

“Dear Sir – In regards to one of our boys doing his “bit” for King and Country, Corporal J.G. Anderson is a son of James Anderson on the 5th concession of Morris. His grandfather rented his farm at Dundalk to one of his sons and is visiting with members of his family. Nineteen years ago (1898) he moved from the United States and is proving himself to be more than a “Note writer.”

Some time ago L/C John G. was picked for the “Guard of Honor” and proved himself worthy of handling his men on such an occasion. We, as a section, hope in the near future that he will accept Sergeant’s stripes of which he is worthy. Three cheers and hats off to J.G. Anderson of the 161st Battalion.

From two of the section,

H.P. McCluskey & Pte. J.R. Chisholm”