Sir Francis Howard Inspects 161st Hurons

Battalion Diary – February 14, 1917

Location: Witley Camp, North Surrey

8:00am  Syllabus of training.

2:30pm  Battalion inspected while in training by Sir Francis Howard.

3:15pm  Battalion sports commenced but owing to the delay in starting due to the inspection was badly handicapped and many of the events were cancelled.

Four (4) N.C.Os went On Command, Drill Course, Bordon.

Two (2) other ranks taken on strength from the 4th Reserve Battalion.

One (1) N.C.O. struck off strength to the C.C.A.C. (Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre)

One hundred (100) other ranks composing Firing Party completed training in Engineering.

Five Men Sent for Medical Assessment

Battalion Diary – February 7, 1917

Location: Witley Camp, North Surrey

8:00am  Usual syllabus for this day except that the O.C’s parade was held from 9 to 10am. This is an inspection of the men and has proven an excellent method of checking any tendency to become slovenly.

1:30 pm  Battalion sports were held under the Authority of the Division. All of the events had several entries. Men took a great interest in the competitions and clean rivalry was worked up between the Companies. “C” Company took the highest number of points.

Strength: Struck off – 5 other ranks transferred to C.C.A.C. (Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre). The Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre was located in Shorncliffe. Men were transferred there for medical assessment for either further treatment or return to duty.